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The new sustainability report of the motan group is now available

The Sustainability Report 2022 covers all topics relating to sustainability within and around the motan group.

For the second time, motan has now published its sustainability report. This covers the topics of environmental protection, resource conservation and social responsibility, defines specific goals for a sustainable future and assesses where the group already stands on this path.


Due to a lack of awareness and education as well as inadequate recycling systems, tons of plastics end up in our environment every year. However, the plastics industry, which is significantly involved in this, has seen a clear trend emerge in recent years: sustainable production, recycled materials and the circular economy are increasingly taking center stage. The motan group also takes responsibility - sustainably, continuously, and measurably - and therefore publishes a sustainability report every two years.

Energy efficiency, resource conservation, social responsibility and environmental awareness have long been anchored in our corporate philosophy. In the past two years, the focus has been on measuring the CO2 footprint and concerning human relationships within that equality. The current report now also focuses on circular economy. motan identifies three cycles in the plastics industry: production, processing, and recycling of plastics. The aim is to strengthen and continuously expand the last one and thereby maximize the value of products and individual parts at the end of their lifespan. As in previous years, reporting is based on the sustainability goals of the United Nations.

The report is an honest and comprehensive record of sustainability at motan. It describes how economic aspects are reconciled with ecological and social responsibility. The reader is given an insight into the results of previous measures, including key figures, and learns about motan's plans for the future.

The document can be downloaded here