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Solar energy project to protect sea turtles

motan Thailand supports Siam Marine Rehabilitation Foundation with a solar energy project to protect sea turtles.

To reduce carbon emissions, stop global warming and save hawksbill turtles, motan Thailand supports the Siam Marine Rehabilitation Foundation.


The island of Koh Talu in Thailand is home to many hawksbill turtles, making it an important place for their nesting season. For this reason, the Siam Marine Rehabilitation Foundation was founded there, a non-profit organization with the aim of supporting and protecting these turtles and in particular their babies. The motto and motivation of the Siam Marine Rehabilitation Foundation is: "Save them, raise them and release them into the sea".

Currently, 935 baby turtles live in the rehabilitation center. With the support of the Siam Marine Conversation and Research Centre of the Royal Thai Navy, the foundation raises them for a year until they are strong enough to be released into their natural ecosystem and begin their life journey in the vast ocean.

Energy supply plays an important role in the rearing of these turtles. It is crucial for the growth of algae, the hawksbill turtles' main food, but is in short supply on the island. This action project was launched to counteract this problem with renewable energy.

Action project

With this project, which is based on local research, motan aims to promote the gradual transition to clean solar energy. This will reduce the island's dependence on fuel, increase the use of renewable and more environmentally friendly energy and, last but not least, promote the growth and development of baby turtles.

Together with subcontractors, motan donated solar panels for roofs to create a substitute for fuel energy. This new solar energy is also used to power a water pump installed by motan, which feeds seawater directly into the turtles' breeding tanks so that the algae can grow on site. Furthermore, with its expertise in technology, installation and electrics, the motan team brings social and environmental benefits to the project.

From December 8 to 10, 2023, the entire motan Thailand team was on the island of Koh Talu to support the project. The mission ended with a relaxing evening on the beach with a beautiful sunset. In short: motan Thailand made a positive contribution to environmental protection and at the same time experienced an inspiring team event. Everyone is very proud of their commitment to natural resources and green energy.

The impressions and pictures should motivate all of you to take action for our environment. It's the little things that can make a big difference.