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Sustainable drying with ecoPROTECT & ETA plus®

The material protection function ecoPROTECT ensures material is not over or under dried. The advanced ETA plus® function protects the plastic granulate and also increases the efficiency of the entire drying process. Sustainable systems and energy-efficient drying have been the top trends in the plastic industry for several years. motan’s dryers are equipped with energy-efficient and sustainable drying functions.

Many companies worldwide are now focusing on sustainability and energy efficiency. This affects not only the business, but all areas of daily life. Especially machinery and plant manufacturers in the plastic industry must measure the energy balance of the production equipment they use. In addition to the CO2 footprint, however, aspects such as material protection and increased efficiency are also playing an important role.

ecoProtect – simple operation of the motan small dryers but highly effective in material protection

The ecoPROTECT function in the fully insulated stainless-steel drying hoppers prevents thermal damage and over drying of plastic granulate by lowering the drying temperature during reduced material throughputs and processing machine downtime. ecoPROTECT supports the user in finding the right drying process for him. The function is automatically activated and deactivated.

The temperature of the material is permanently monitored by two temperature measuring points inside the drying bins. First, the drying temperature is recorded in order to activate or deactivate the heating function. Another measuring point provides information about the return air temperature. Based on these results, it is determined when the ecoPROTECT function should be activated and material is protected from thermal damage. If the defined value is reached, the heating function is deactivated to protect the material. If the value drops again in standby mode, the heating function is reactivated.

The simple concept of ecoPROTECT has a great impact on material protection in the manufacturing process that not only increases efficiency but also acts sustainably.

ETA plus® drying systems with advantages for the energy balance of your application

ETA plus® offers a drying process with the latest energy-saving technologies for cost-effective drying. There are three individual factors of the ETA plus® technology influencing the drying of the granulate: On the one hand, the air volume control automatically adapts to seasonal or time-of-day variations in the incoming material temperature and the material throughput. In addition, the air volume is reduced to a minimum so that the drying air is additionally adapted to the throughput. This results in a particularly gentle drying, especially when a processor is confronted with large changes in material throughputs. On the other hand, heat recovery is useful as high return air temperatures can be used for preheating the process air, which significantly reduces energy consumption. In summary, the combination of air volume control and temperature reduction enables the highest possible energy savings. Compared to conventional drying systems, energy savings of up to 64% are possible with ETA plus® technology.

The motan drying systems with the ETA plus® function:

  • LUXOR EM A / E A

The motan drying systems with the ecoPROTECT function:

  • LUXOR S 120/160
  • MDE 40
  • LUXOR 50/80