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Participating is a matter of honor - Kjell Ehrentreich works at motan operations gmbh for a good cause

One small contribution with a big impact

During the nationwide campaign week "Mitmachen Ehrensache", from 04.12.2023-08.12.2023, young people could work for employers for one day and donate the money they earned to a good cause.

One of these young people was Kjell. The twelve-year-old Kjell normally attends seventh grade at Verbundschule Isny. On 04.12.2023, however, he did not go to school, but to motan operations gmbh in Isny.

There, he actively supported his motan colleagues in the packaging department. They were delighted to receive a helping hand, especially right before the Christmas break.

For every hour worked, Kjell earned €5, which he donated to a good cause. This raised a total of €35 for a charitable organization.

We think the "Mitmachen Ehrensache" campaign is highly commendable and are delighted that we were able to support Kjell in implementing this campaign.

"We are delighted to give young people an insight into our company through the "Mitmachen Ehrensache" campaign. And the fact that donations are also collected for a good cause makes us even happier." Rene Kieninger, Head of HR

A small contribution with a big impact! Thank you Kjell for your support!