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motan India helps people in rural areas

motan India donates clothes, books and food to the charity Goonj to promote further development in rural India and minimize the gap between town and village.

Established in 1999, Goonj is a network of communities between urban and village in India that aims to address key gaps in rural infrastructure, water, environment, livelihoods, education, health, disaster relief, and rehabilitation. Its three key efforts are highlighting clothing as a basic need in the development agenda, repurposing urban household waste into a development tool for rural India, and mobilizing communities to solve long-standing problems that hinder community development.

motan India donates its surplus materials to also contribute to improving the situation of people in rural areas. Especially education and training of young inhabitants can ensure a positive development of a place. Thus, among other things, motan equipped classrooms of local schools with a good loudspeaker system to improve morning assemblies and announcements. They also organized an internship for students so that they could experience working in a dedicated team in an industrial environment.

We thank Goonj and motan India for their efforts in the country and look forward to continued collaboration in improving the situation on the ground.