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New products at K‘2019

Materials management meets circular economy on our stand at the K-Show this year. A symbiosis that has resulted in numerous new and further developments for our product range. These will be exhibited at our stand during K‘2019 and we look forward to presenting these to you.


Gravimetric material loaders ready for Industry 4.0


The new gravimetric METROFLOW material loaders have been specifically designed for precise material throughput control. These powerful units can be used in pneumatic conveying systems in order to convey material from a silo to a drying bin or a processing machine, for example. Because of their extremely precise weighing technology, the METROFLOW units are particularly suited for monitoring material consumption in real-time, which makes them ideal for use in an Industry 4.0 environment.

METRO range

Extensive development of our material loaders


Material loaders can easily and inexpensively automate many steps in raw materials handling. We’ve extensively redesigned and expanded our METRO range of material loaders.

METRO G/F – now also suitable for large material throughputs and flakes
The new METRO G/F material loaders for large material throughputs are now also available with 60, 100 and 150 liter capacities. As a non-free-flowing bulk material, flakes tend toward bridge-building, which is why these material loaders have been equipped with an extra-large discharge flap.

METRO R – specially designed for conveying regrind
The METRO R loaders have been specially designed for processing regrind. Because regrind is usually very dusty, the METRO R units are equipped with large Teflon coated cloth filters. These loaders are also available in 60, 100 and 150 liter capacities.


A complete product range for simple applications in materials handling


The material loaders of the METRO SG range are designed for simple applications. For example, the METRO SG HES single-phase material loaders are available in four sizes and are designed for conveying from beside the processing machine, with throughputs from 15 to 200 kg/h. The material loaders are equipped with their own control. This control has both a line-purge feature and the control of a METROMIX proportioning valve already integrated.

The new METRO SG HOS system material loaders, available with 5, 10 and 30 liter capacities, are designed for standard conveying systems.


To accompany these are the new METROVAC SG blower stations with a central filter that can serve up to eight material loaders, eight proportioning valves and four purging valves. The new conveying control METROnet SG can manage eight material loaders, eight proportioning valves and four purging valves as well as one stand-by blower via its color touchscreen.


Advanced compressed air dryer for small to medium material throughputs


The new LUXOR CA A compressed air dryers, a further development of the LUXOR CA S range, are designed for drying small to medium material throughputs. The dryers operate in a temperature range of 30 to 180°C. They can be mounted directly on the processing machine or on a mobile support frame. They are available in four sizes with 8, 15, 30 or 60 liter bin volumes respectively. The advanced control with color touchscreen for the compressed air dryers has the same features as the LUXOR A desiccant dry air dryers; for example, ETAplus® air flow regulation is already integrated. The drying bin and the material outlet are completely heat insulated. In order to prevent over drying of the material, all models have overheating protection.


One dosing & mixing unit for all extrusion and compounding applications


The new SPECTROPLUS synchronous dosing and mixing unit has been specially designed for extrusion and compounding and replaces the previous GRAVIPLUS range. Thanks to the modular design it is suitable for a wide range of materials – from powder, granules or regrind to liquids and flakes.

Both starve-fed and flood-fed extruders and compounders can be supplied with the SPECTROPLUS. The modular design makes it possible to combine up to eight dosing modules. Additionally, the synchronous dosing & mixing unit can be supplemented with the SPECTROFLEX dosing units, which are also available in either gravimetric or volumetric versions.
The dosing modules and dosing screws can be changed quickly and easily, drastically reducing change-over times. motan offers many different types of dosing screws, for example spiral, auger or concave screws, and as either single or double screw versions.

The dosing & mixing unit is controlled using the new SPECTROnet control, which can control volumetric or gravimetric SPECTROPLUS dosing modules or external dosing units.