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Innovative and punctual for the K’2016.

In time for the K’2016, motan presents a new range of dryers: LUXOR EM A and LUXOR E A – specially developed for drying ­material throughputs of plastic granulate and regrind. The two dryers are each equipped with one drying bin of sizes 60, 100 and 150 litres.


The main area of application of the series is production islands, consisting of 1 or 2 machines which are supplied via a common drying bin. Thanks to the new P405 Advance control, the drying system is easy and user-friendly to operate via a colour touch panel with self-explanatory graphics. Thanks to its Ethernet port, the control is network-compatible and can be controlled remotely.

LUXOR EM A has an integrated conveyor with a cyclone filter for up to three conveying points. LUXOR E A, on the other hand, can be easily integrated into existing conveying systems or equipped with an individual conveyor.

As an option, equipment versions are available which up to now only large drying systems have been equipped with. These include, for example, the energy-saving dew point control, the ETA plus® technology with automatic air volume adjustment and material-saving temperature reduction. Therefore, the LUXOR EM A is already probably one of the most efficient small dryers on the market today.