Smart solutions

for the smart factory

motan was early to recognise the opportunities of networked production. Since 2004, the motan CONTROLnet architecture with its integrated control concept has provided the conditions for an intelligent factory.

With the development of an OPC-UA interface, moton-colortronic is the first supplier of peripherals which are able to communicate with the processing machines independently of the manufacturer and platform. In pilot projects, motan-colortronic constantly works with various machine manufacturers on intelligent solutions in order to support the processors in the optimisation of their added value chain.

smart solutions by motan:

When automated, the drying process can be synchronised with the planned start of production of the processing machine. Conversely, at the end of production, emptying of the drying bin can be planned, taking into account the remaining number of units. This saves energy and material.

In a live simulation at the K’2016, sudden material shortages and imminent machine standstills are detected early and can be prevented in advance. The system always provides information of the current or remaining material supply and the units still to be produced. This information is displayed centrally on the display of the processing machine and provides the operator with maximum transparency of the current status of the complete process.

smart production by motan:

LINKnet 3.0 offers everything that the customer expects of a modern materials management system: plant capacity utilisation, batch tracing, user management and recipe management. Functions such as the provision of process data and archiving for downstream systems generate added value for our customers. The modular structure of LINKnet 3.0 allows the extension of the standard at any time to implement specific customer requirements.

smart services by motan:

With the new motan remote maintenance box, all system components of the material supply can be monitored via the internet and/or intranet. Fast troubleshooting and analysis, monitoring and documentation of the system statuses help to ensure system availability. From “materials handling” to sustainable “materials management”.

smart products by motan:

With the new modular drying ranges LUXOR EM A and LUXOR E A, an intelligent production island can be produced through plug&play. Thanks to its network-compatibility, all advantages can be used in an integrated system solution. It is thus possible to map the process steps conveying, return of regrind and drying in one functional unit.

Thinking ahead as to how we can enable our customers to achieve a competitive advantage in terms of efficiency and economy of their system as well as the quality of the end- products – that is what we consider smart!