Everyone is talking about industry 4.0

There is not yet a conclusive definition for the term “Industry 4.0”. Nevertheless, it will be the dominant topic at the K’2016 trade fair. With opportunities for networking, our aim is to provide our customers with a competitive advantage in terms of the economic efficiency of their system and the quality of the end product.

The efficiency of a system can be increased by means of a targeted exchange of information along the added value chain. An early transfer of data enables a faster reaction. Documentation and the exchange of process data increase transparency. Thus, errors can be avoided which ultimately would have led to production downtimes and quality problems.

We call this “smart”, because it means anticipating things. We explain exactly what we mean by this in the article “Smart solutions for the smart factory”.

From this perspective, our “smart solutions” are just one further chapter in the success story which we have been writing in the 10 years since the merger of motan-colotronic. In this time, we have combined the best of two brands and clearly defined our programme of materials management. Our review of the last 10 years of motan-colortronic informs you of the challenges which we had to face in this respect.

For us, quality is no coincidence but instead something which we expect of ourselves and our products. At the K’2016 trade fair, we shall not only present you with our latest developments, as well as concrete applications with regard to Industry 4.0, but we will also be presenting the motan innovations award, or “mia” for short, for the first time – a further cornerstone in our long-term strategy. The future is made of ideas. For this reason, we are committed to putting the most innovative ideas into practice. We look forward to seeing you again at our booth at the K’2016 and with our partners.

With best regards,
Sandra Füllsack and Ulrich Eberhardt