Allgaier relies on the best of two worlds

The company was founded in 1903. Continually expanding since then, the constantly modernised family-run company is now managed in its fourth generation by Christoph and Thomas Allgaier. Even though the fathers are still present in the company, they handed over management to the two cousins two years ago. A successful change-over, as the two emphasise. It is indeed the smooth transitions and further developments which characterise the company. It is exactly this which is reflected in the company history, which – especially in the last 40 years – is also a history of the co-operative partnership first with colortronic, then with motan and recently with motan-colortronic.

Recently, in 2011, this resulted in an overall concept which has proven itself in the last five years and repeatedly shows how the products and the know-how of two companies can be successfully combined.

So how does one feel with 113 years of company history on ones shoulders?

Thomas Allgaier // Young. But tradition, consistency and a sense of responsibility are very important for us. These are values which characterise our attitude to our customers and employees. Your company was originally a joinery …

Christoph Allgaier // Correct, that’s right. And the old building is even still standing today. Immediately after the war, our grandfather also built glider planes from wood and was therefore ahead of his time.

Thomas Allgaier // Conversion to injection moulding and plastics processing only took place at the end of the 1960s. First we processed polyurethane, before we increasingly relied on the TSG process. If one considers your current range of services, the high degree of specialisation is conspicuous. Is it usual for a company to use so many special processes?

Thomas Allgaier // This is due to the fact that we only became injection moulders via the special processes. We have always oriented ourselves according to the needs of the customer and developed solutions which were the most suitable for his applications.

Christoph Allgaier // … and nothing has changed about that today. In addition to TSG, we use compact, 2-component, sandwich injection moulding, MuCell® and injection stamping. Our in-company tool manufacture also contributes to this production depth. In this way, we can offer our customers a degree of flexibility which is almost unique for a company of our size.

Thomas Allgaier // Already in 1976, when we built our production hall, we relied on colortronic products. At that time, disc dosing was more effective and more exact than any manual mixing with powders. Since then you have grown continually and have also expanded production and logistics. In the course of this, you integrated motan systems with the existing colortronic products. How did this arise?

Christoph Allgaier // The decisive factor was that we no longer used powders. Screw dosing with our current process has handling advantages compared with disc dosing. The area of application is also larger and dosing accuracy is very good for our applications. In addition, the new VOLUnet MC control offers considerable advantages in terms of user-friendliness and recipe storage.

Thomas Allgaier // In the course of conversion, a complete system – into which we could integrate our existing colortronic units – was naturally also important for us.

Markus Schinabeck // From 2011, conversion of the central material supply was carried out. This also included central drying with LUXOR A and a central METROnet conveying control. In addition, MINICOLOR V dosing and mixing units, METRO hopper loaders in a glass design and a central coupling table were acquired for the existing units of the Allgaier company. The 19 injection moulding machines at that time were supplied via three conveying circuits with claw pumps. Over the years, Allgaier purchased more machines, and 22 injection moulding machines (including 12 two-component machines) are currently supplied via four conveying circuits. The drying capacity was also expanded with a mobile compact dryer LUXOR S.

Thomas Allgaier // This  also shows our specialisation: in all, 18 of our 22 injection moulding machines are designed for special processes. Especially with regard to the branches for which we work, this is indispensable – white goods, rehabilitation technology, vehicle equipment and medical technology. Materials handling with colortronic and conversion to ­motan – that sounds like successful co-operation.

Markus Schinabeck // In 2009, I took over the sales force for Bavaria for colortronic from my predecessor Mr Stapf, who has served Allgaier for around 25 years. Since then, we have further improved the already good customer relations of that time because we understand each other well at a professional, technical and personal level.

Thomas Allgaier // For us this is a success story, as we have taken and combined the best of two worlds.