Our top priority is reliability

Flexibility, partnership and a broad application field for our products – these long-standing values have payed off during the crisis.

The COVID pandemic has not only posed unexpected challenges for our customers, but also for motan. Border closures and lockdowns at the start of the crisis resulted in interrupted delivery chains and, more than anything, great uncertainty. In the meantime, the industry has mostly adjusted to the changed circumstances and hopefully we will all come through the crisis relatively unscathed.

The packaging and medical engineering industries are unthinkable without plastics and it has payed off that motan has many years of experience in these areas.

What is most important, however, are the people who have delivered above and beyond, particularly during this crisis: service technicians, who have shown great personal commitment to be there for our customers, and also countless helpers in the background who ensured that operation continued throughout. We would like to offer you our particular thanks.

motan-colotronic also strives to be reliable towards their customers. We look forward to preparing for the time after this crisis together with you.

Yours sincerely

Sandra Füllsack