Cooperation with IKV and KraussMaffei

K‘2019: Cooperation with IKV and KraussMaffei

How could Industry 4.0 look in practice? Together with IKV and KraussMaffei we will show how fully automated materials handling can work for different applications.

IKV, the Institute for Plastics Processing at RWTH Aachen University (Hall 14 / C16) will be presenting their current research on fully automated plastics processing for the production of precision parts with minimal waste. Interferences, such as material batch variations are recorded and are saved as process data in the cloud via a standardized OPC-UA interface. These are then considered for simulation models and are used to calculate ideal process settings.

At KrausMaffei’s stand (Hall 15 / C24) you can experience a closed circular process for the handling and production of reprocessed material. We are represented with a drying system with energy measurement and a new inline residual moisture sensor, together with material conveying and a GRAVICOLOR 30 gravimetric dosing and mixing unit. All the components in this production cell, including the ancillaries, are connected via OPC-UA to a central data collection point to monitor and optimize the process.