With the management for motan-colortronic India

Since the founding of the Liaison Office in 1998 they have been part of the motan family: Srikanth Padmanabhan has been the Managing Director of motan-colortronic India since the beginning. Since then, Vidya Ramesh has been Senior Manager and responsible for controlling, materials management and HR.

What advantages does the new production and distribution site offer?

Srikanth Padmanabhan: The Indian market offers great potential in the plastics processing and manufacturing Industry. Due to our long-term presence we not only have a solid client base, but our employees also have excellent know-how. By having production on-site we can supply the price-sensitive market with locally manufactured products. This way we don’t compromise on quality but save costs on logistics and customs.

Why was the move necessary?

Vidya Ramesh:Due to the growth in the last few years we had reached our limits. With the expansion of our production area we can increase our product portfolio and offer quick delivery and an enormous supply of spare parts. In the next two year the production area will be doubled again. 

Katyal Rajeshhas been with motan-colortronic India since 2009 and is responsible for Sales & Service in North & West India.

And what are your plans for the future?

Katyal Rajesh:
Long-term partnerships with our customers are very important to us. This is why we want to continue to expand our sales and service network in order to be even closer to our customers. In our new offi ces we want to have a showroom and applications center as well as production, so that our customers can get to know motan products and fi nd solutions for their appli cations. I am sure that with this we will also be able to inspire new customers with our efficient and automated solutions.

Varatharajan Raghunathan joined in 2010 to motan-colortronic India and today he is in charge of Production and Technical Support.

How do you ensure motan quality in India?

Varatharajan Raghunathan:Our responsibility is to produce made by motan quality in India. The parts that we source from local manufacturers are subject to the same technical requirements as in Germany. We do not make any compromises – in engineering or quality – when it comes to the products we make in India. Particularly our production team is extremely well-trained and everyone is an expert in their field.

Anandakumar Ramachandran started his career at motan-colortronic India in 2011 and supervised now Sales & Service in South India.

"One of our strengths is our know-how in project planning", Anandakumar Ramachandran, Sales & Service in South India

So it’s worth it, when Indian passion meets German engineering quality?

Srikanth Padmanabhan: Absolutely! Just like the close cooperation with our customers. As you know, sharing experience is extremely important – just like making a master plan, that can be implemented step by step. This is how one gains clarity and how one recognizes how investment must be staggered. It is our job to always show the true value of a product – for example, with regards to energy effi ciency, performance, or even international safety standards. Then our customers un-derstand that they profi t from our products and solutions in the long term and higher prices are worth it in the end. After all, we continue to care about our customer’s  concerns after the completion of our contract with our reliable After-Sales-Support – for the entire life cycle of the product. Our fi nal goal is that we want our customers to become more effi cient, productive and profi table using our products.