Future challenges

The automotive industry is on the brink of the greatest change in its history. Its largest market, China, is suffering from the US tariffs and high-tech Germany is behind its usual leading position. Regional shifts in markets are no longer the only factors that influence change. Instead, it is global integration that is so strong that nobody can say “that doesn’t affect me”. We must all find answers for the challenges of the future. Not only for the economy, but for the next generation.

Plastic’s image is currently far from positive, even though we all know that it is, in many cases, the answer for economic and sustainable solutions. It us up to us to explain this and to educate and be honest about the uses of this fantastic resource. We can only come up with sustainable solutions together: the manufacturer, the engineer and the processor.

After the very good previous years it is time to invest in modern, flexible systems, in order to react quickly to changes in the market. New materials, intelligent machines and production capacities in those markets, in which growth is still ahead of us. With the expansion of our subsidiary company in India and the development of the market in Africa and South America, motan is setting the course for the future. “made by motan” – world-wide our customers can rely on the quality of our products and a certified service, that ensures the availability of their plant.

Networks don’t only make us global, but also fi t for the future in the area of controls. For years motan has been investing in new controls concepts with which we can support our many existing customers to the next level of automation. “Shaping the future” is the motto, when we will report on the plastics industry at this year’s K-Show.

We look forward to treading this path together with you.

Your Sandra Füllsack