Made by motan: Three manufacturing sites – one product quality

The same quality standards worldwide. The demands of our globally active customer network require us to further expand our global production sites. The exchange of experience and knowledge across all locations as well as consequent implementation of our standards helps us grow together with our customers.

As a medium-sized group of companies, our decentralized structure has always been unconventional. We have always placed great importance on regional centers to enable us to be as close as possible to local markets for sales and service. Now we are also building on our decentralized approach for the global production of motan products by strengthening our regional manufacturing centers.

motan’s main factory is in Isny, Germany. This is the largest of the manufacturing centers and it is also where motan’s global products are developed and brought to market. In addition to our facility in Germany, we have manufacturing facilities in Taicang, China and Chennai, India.

Today, motan is able to deliver individual products, both standard and customized, or entire systems for all materials handling needs: from storage, crystallization and conveying, to drying, dosing & mixing and controls.

“We have three main production steps here at motan, which are mechanical assembly, electrical assembly and the quality control of finished products,” begins Reinhard Fellner, Production Manager at motan gmbh. Quality control procedures exist throughout the production process, from supply to delivery, and all products undergo a thorough final inspection, complete with an assigned test report, before reaching the customer.

“motan possesses countless years of production experience, with the vast majority of our employees being experts in their key competencies,” Fellner states. “For us, competence means securing our own future, and as an employer we take great care to offer our employees the opportunity to develop. We do this through programs such as ‘motan start’, ‘train-on-the-job’ and internal and external training opportunities.”

Most of motan’s customers are large multinational companies with very specific demands that need to be served on a global scale. Having centers in different geographical regions helps us to better serve these needs and demands quickly and efficiently, without compromising on quality. At the heart of our international production strategy is the aim to utilize local content, equipment and labor, while ensuring every single motan product is identical in quality and design to those created at our Isny site. Gerhard Sauter, Global Production Planning Manager at motan explains, “We promise ‘made by motan’ quality worldwide. This is why it is important that we have clear specifications for our products and that our procedures are fully standardized and comprehensively described.”

“Other important factors include the co-operation we enjoy with local suppliers and the investment we make in our local workforces. motan employees work closely with our suppliers, while employees from China and India regularly visit our Isny site, and vice versa, so that we can ensure a systematic exchange of knowledge and ideas with everyone.”

The factory in Taicang, China, is located about 50 kilometers from the center of Shanghai. In May of this year, motan-colortronic Plastics Machinery Co., Ltd. moved into a new, larger building, which boasts a total space of 4000m² as well as a state of the art Technical Centre. This is used for testing raw materials handing applications and as a training center for customers and our own employees. With this move, it is now possible to manufacture all product lines in China directly.

"These products are intended primarily for our Chinese and Asian customers, but also for those customers who want to expand their activities from a manufacturing location in China," says Meiling Xu, Operations Manager at motan-colortronic China.“I’ve been with motan for 6 years now and during this time I’ve had the opportunity to grow and develop just as the company has in China. Today, I am proud to say that there are no quality differences between a product manufactured in China or Germany. There is just motan quality!” adds Meiling Xu.

motan’s smallest manufacturing center is in Chennai, India. “I am very proud of what we have achieved in India the last years. We are still the baby of the group when it comes to manufacturing, but I think this will change. Today, Indian plastics processors are far more demanding in their technology and quality expectations and this fits perfectly with motan’s vision.” said Vidya Ramesh, a Senior Manager at motan-colortronic India.

“Our customers don’t just trust in motan quality, they also expect innovative and economical solutions. One of our goals is to enhance raw materials handling in plastics processing, thus changing the face of materials management,” Sandra Füllsack, Group Managing Director at motan gmbh and motan holding gmbh points out. “With the expansion of our global production sites, we are not only able to react better to local market requirements, but are also able to improve ourselves based on the comments and feedback of our customers, partners and colleagues. We also want to improve sustainability by avoiding long transportation routes and high logistics costs.”