Three productions, one quality

Our customers operate in all areas of plastics manufacturing and processing as well as in all regions of the world. In line with this, we are continuing to develop as an international company with production sites in Germany, China and India. The goal is to become even better and to develop new solutions for smooth production. We rely on the expertise of our experienced employees and partners as well as on the feedback from our customers. “made by motan“ is our quality promise worldwide.

In order to create the products that our customers can rely on, motan puts great emphasise on innovation, research and development. Our goal is to improve the handling of raw materials in plastics processing and thus change the face of materials management.

With continuous optimization and new technologies, we strive to improve ourselves and our products to meet the increasing market demands. Plastics processing machines are getting smarter and gaining the ability to analyse process variables by themselves and make decisions. It is essential the products motan manufactures are part of this digital revolution.

In this issue of motan news, you will not only get an insight into the latest developments at motan. We will also introduce you to the nominees for the motan innovation award, which will be presented at the Fakuma on 18th October.

Have fun discovering.

Sandra Füllsack