2 years Boddingtons and motan - how is the situation today…

Boddingtons Plastics Limited decided in 2016 to work with motan-colortronic ltd., motan's sales representative in the UK. What is the conclusion 2 years later?

For more than 60 years, Boddingtons has provided high-quality, cost-effective injection moulding and contract manufacturing services for the medical and technical sectors.

“The six-figure investment with motan-colortronic ltd. included an advanced fully automatic material handling system, complete with energy saving motan-colortronic drying and REGLOCHILL cooling systems” stated Andy Tibbs, Managing Director of Boddingtons Plastics Limited.
After extensive market evaluation, motan-colortronic ltd. was selected for its class leading products, system solutions and extensive backup and support.

“We are very pleased to have been chosen by Boddingtons Plastics Limited as the supplier of material handling equipment and look forward to a successful long-term working relationship” states Karl Miller, Managing Director of motan-colortronic ltd..

Two years later we wanted to know how satisfied Andy Tibbs is with the project implementation and whether he would like to do something differently today.
"Absolutely nothing," was his rather short and clear answer. "We are very satisfied with the motan products, the handling and the competent service. Our production runs flawlessly and the new system not only makes the material quick and easy to convey, it is also clearly traceable."