Synergy effects

Ideally implemented in the areas of products and know-how

On 1st March 2006, motan holding gmbh in Constance acquired the shares of Colortronic International AG. It was the beginning of a success story. In the following years, something more has been created than just the merger of two companies. It is about nothing less than creating added-value for the plastics industry and further developing materials handling as a whole.

The motan of today began in 1947 with its foundation as Heizmotoren AG.

Only later was it renamed motan gmbh. Ralph Schneider took over the company in 1967 and introduced the change in direction of the plastics industry.

In 1979, motan set new technological standards with the UNICOLOR dosing and mixing system. With the beginning of motan holding gmbh in 1991, the foundation was laid for the global growth of the next few years, in which the company established itself as a leading provider of peripheral units on the market. Management passed to Ulrich Eberhardt in 2003 and from 2006 onwards, together with Sandra Fullsack, the company was reorganised with a clear focus on expertise and solid growth.

The history of Colortronic Reinhard GmbH & Co. KG goes back to 1971.

At that time, the company produced colouring machines which were directly used on the injection moulding machine. Also focussed on peripheral units for the plastics processing industry, the company developed into a direct competitor of motan. Thus, in 1972 – at the same time as motan began production of peripheral units in Isny – the Colortronic micro dosing and mixing unit with a special disc technology was launched.

Between 1992 and 1995, colortronic, under the aegis of K-Tron, developed into an expert provider of systems for the plastics manufacturing industry. Finally, in 2000, Colotronic International AG was founded in Hunzenschwil, Switzerland and worldwide distribution commenced.

In 2006, a new chapter was begun with motan-colortronic.

The organisational restructuring of the two companies and their international subsidiaries represented a great challenge. At the same time, in the course of restructuring the product portfolio, the best of two technological worlds was combined.

Looking back, it can be stated that the motan group has achieved considerable success and is moving in the right ­direction. Today, the company has approx. 500 employees, annual turnover of around EUR 115 million and provides sales and service in 120 countries. Thanks to its global network and many years of experience, the motan group offers its customers what they really need: tailor-made solutions with real added value. The objective is to convince our customers with our expert advice, pro-active service and short reaction times.

10 years of joint product development

2009 MINICOLOR V –  the volumetric dosing and mixing unit directly for the processing machine
2010 METRO PB/PC – the new powder conveyor unit series
2010 ETA process® – the innovative dryer technology and its further development ETA plus®
2011 LUXORBIN A – the dryer with a new bin design
2011 SPECTROCOLOR G – the continuous, gravimetric dosing and mixing unit for plastic granulate
2012 GRAVInet GP – the gravimetric control which can be combined with other motan controls
2012 LUXOR CA – compressed air dryer
2013 METRO G – hopper loaders
2014 MINBLEND V – the volumetric unit for maximum dosing and mixing accuracy
2016 LUXOR EM A and LUXOR E A – new dryer range for production islands

Milestones of the company organisation

2008 Foundation of motan-colortronic Trading (Taicang) Co., Ltd.
2009 Merger of motan AG and Colortronic Systems AG to form motan-colortronic AG in Hunzenschwil
2009 Foundation of motan-colortronic Plastics Machinery (India) Pte. Ltd.
2009 Merger of motan Pte. Ltd. and Colortronic Systems Pte. Ltd. to form motan-colortronic Pte. Ltd. Singapore
2009 Merger of motan SAS and Colortronic SAS to form motan-colortronic SAS France
2009 Foundation of motan-colortronic Ltd. Great Britain
2010 Merger of motan S.r.l. and Colortronic Systems Srl. to form motan-colortronic Srl.  
2011 Foundation of motan Thailand Co., Ltd. Approval to set up a joint venture
2013 Opening of motan-colortronic do Brasil subsidiary in Piracicaba, Brazil 

Mutual respect of the products and the know-how has made it possible for the fusion of motan and colortronic to be successful. Over the last 10 years, the former competitors have become the new motan (group) of which we are very proud today.