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Change of management in India

We say goodbye to Mr. Padmanabhan Srikanth as managing director of motan-colortronic India and thank him for all of his hard work and for the pleasant and productive times we have enjoyed with him. Concurrently, we warmly welcome Ms. Vidya Ramesh and Mr. Anandakumar Ramachandran as his successors for this position.

Mr. Srikanth has been part of the motan family since the foundation of the India Liaison Office in 1998, where he worked as a general manager before becoming managing director. His actions not only established a solid customer base and an excellently trained workforce, he also made the motan brand known throughout India. In 2009, he established a manufacturing and sales & service center to better serve the price-sensitive market. This company moved to a larger building in 2019, whereby motan-colortronic India was able to serve other segments in addition to injection molding, such as extrusion and blow molding. Today, his motto “German engineering meets Indian passion” forms the basis for efficient growth in the future.

However, Mr. Srikanth was not only a great asset as managing director. Moreover, he was a role model and inspiration for his colleagues, who praised him in the highest terms on his farewell.

Padmanabhan Srikanth is now taking his well-deserved retirement: “It is now time for the next generation to take the helm and drive motan-colortronic India forward”. This task will be taken on by Vidya Ramesh and Anandakumar Ramachandran as his successors.

Vidya Ramesh has been part of motan-colortronic India for 30 years. She was previously responsible for controlling and production, where she made a significant contribution to the success and growth of the company. In her role as managing director, she will continue being responsible for controlling and in addition, take on responsibility for human resources. During her career at motan she always worked together with Padmanabhan Srikanth and with his guidance could steadily increase her role in management.

Anandakumar Ramachandran has also been a part of motan-colortronic India for a long time. Since 2011, as sales manager, he has been able to present and exploit the potential of India as a growth market. He describes his new position on the one hand as a huge responsibility to walk in Mr. Srikanth’s footsteps, but on the other hand also as a great opportunity for him and the company.

We are very happy to welcome Vidya Ramesh and Anandakumar Ramachandran as new managing directors in the motan family and wish them only the best for their new positions. At the same time, with heavy hearts, we say goodbye to Padmanabhan Srikanth and wish him all the best for his future.