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mo explains: " Injection molding produces sprues that can immediately be turned into regrind and reused. This makes sense because it saves money and protects the environment. If the initial material needs to be dried it can save even more money as regrind does not usually need to be dried if it is being reused immediately. Are you interested in more questions regarding plastics manufacturing and processing"?

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A new era in automotive connectors: advanced central drying and conveying system

Interview with Milomir Arsenic, Managing Director, and Paul Ringel, Technical Supervisor of Hirschmann (Nantong) Automotive Co., Ltd. Located in an economic development zone in…

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Automating the polymer materials handling process

Higher quality in the end product and more safety for employees at West Pharmaceutical Packaging, India. In no other industry are safety standards and quality as important as in…

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Heinlein invests in a fully automated centralised raw materials handling system

A central material supply system for producing pharmaceutical grade packaging products.

Heinlein, a successful company based in the town of Ansbach in Franconia, Germany, produces…

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LIT Factory Research and industry moving closer together

In June, the official opening of the LIT Open Innovation Center and the LIT Factory in Linz took place. The goal of the Open Innovation Center is to bring research, business and…

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Sustainable PET preforms

New solutions for PET bottle flake production

Sustainability, quality and consumer protection are a high priority for manufacturers of beverage and food packaging. The German…

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Project planning know-how as a competitive advantage

Toyoda Gosei South India Private Limited (TGSIN) is a joint venture between TG Japan (Toyoda Gosei, Japan) & TTC Japan (Toyota Tsusho Corporation, Japan). Established in the year…

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