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mo explains: " Injection molding produces sprues that can immediately be turned into regrind and reused. This makes sense because it saves money and protects the environment. If the initial material needs to be dried it can save even more money as regrind does not usually need to be dried if it is being reused immediately. Are you interested in more questions regarding plastics manufacturing and processing"?

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Opening of the new Tech-centre

motan-colortronic gmbh has opened its new Tech-centre in Friedrichsdorf with an open house day. With the motto “materials management in practise “, participants used the…

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Kat Mekatronik

motan-colortronic, the right choice for high-quality production at Kat Mekatronik

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Innovative and punctual for the K’2016.

In time for the K’2016, motan presents a new range of dryers: LUXOR EM A and LUXOR E A – specially developed for drying ­material throughputs of plastic granulate and regrind. The…

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Four ideas for mia 2016

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Allgaier relies on the best of two worlds

The company was founded in 1903. Continually expanding since then, the constantly modernised family-run company is now managed in its fourth generation by Christoph and Thomas…

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Expertise is the Key to sucess

How do you make your employees fit for the future? How do you help customers gain that bit of extra competence to secure a competitive edge? And how do you lay the foundations for…

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